That Carlota devotes herself to art is not something casual, but not accidental. Her mother is an engineer, his father is veterinary, but she used to do artistic paintings at home. And one of her grandparents has a noble title from the island of Menorca, which has offer her to grow in a environment of culture and art: “I grew up in a house that has inspired me a lot, my father has always given me wings so that I could realize my potential, the support of my family has been key to being able to get to do what I really love, whether it’s photography or painting. ”

Carlota has defined her aesthetic towards a more Mediterranean side with colors, lights, seascapes and feminine models with warm tones. A stylistic journey that is due to how much she likes, as she confesses, “my island”.

In the Raval de Barcelona, ​​she moves like fish in the water, where she has her painting workshop. This is where she encloses and creates her work influenced by the Mediterranean.

“I cannot live without being near the sea; it conveys a peace and tranquility that I cannot explain”

She also has a great interest in fashion, since she interprets it as art and creation; she buys many magazines every month, moves directly to the photo sessions that always include fashion magazines and keeps analyzing every detail. Consequently, it is always up-to-date with the latest trends.


“From an early age I was interested in photography and art. This has marked my steps towards modeling and artistic creation.”

Carlota Squella was born in Menorca (1994) but moved to Barcelona. Right now she has finished Arts and has started a Master’s Degree in Art History. She combines everything with walkways, photo shoots and advertising … But when she can and her schedule allows her, takes the first flight to her favorite island, Menorca.




She confesses being a Gladiator Traveler addict, to go to Menorca or to her next island destination (Cuba has confessed to us), she loves traveling with the NEON LUX collection. An expert in tendencies like her knows that metallic is trendy. Gold and silver are not only for costume jewelry this season, but also for clothes, shoes or suitcases.

“THE METALLIC LOOK IS NOT AT ODDS WITH THE MEDITERRANEAN”, I love to get to Menorca and go to take some beers and eat squid with my friends with my Gladiator Neon Lux near the sea, of course”

instagram: @carlotasquella

Carlota wears a NeonLux case of metallic polycarbonate. You can know more about this model and others here.


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