Jay is from Paris, he’s a coach and model; he has lived in Belgium, England and Italy. What Blanca and Jay have in common is their passion for sport and love for the sea. He trains by the seawater, she does so in it.

Jay works on his exercises and makes training plannings with elite athletes (football players, basketball players…) by the Mediterranean. If someone would like to lose weight or increase their muscular mass, Jay is a safe bet to accomplish it: “SI VIS PACEM, PARA BELLUM. If you want peace, prepare for war. That’s my personal motivational mantra” he explains.

Jay is addicted to traveling. “To me, traveling is like training! Feeling outside of my comfort zone and in the middle of unexpected experiences is what I like the most. You meet new people that you would otherwise never meet, and you get to see new places that you could never see in your everyday life; that’s something I can’t get out of my mind!

Jay and Blanca are the personification of two of the best qualities of this suitcase: resistance and lightness. Ocean is flexible but has the muscle to endure the toughest of the journeys.











“The Ocean is everything I am. Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.”

She exudes simpathy, humility and her desire to conquer the world. That’s how she arrived to our photoshooting. Just after a long trip (with tow truck included) from Cádiz to Barcelona. She is a 24 sevillana who lives in Tarifa. Well, inbetween Tarifa and the rest of the world, as she spends most of her winters traveling to find places with better meteorological conditions to keep training.

She became a professional windsurfist as a result of working hard everyday and being motivated by seeing her older sister Marina won an Olympic medal.  She started surfing waves at 8 years old: then she’s been in the runner ups of the world championships in 2019, she became an european runner up and she’s led the spanish team several times.

But this is just the beginning, she has set herself a clear goal: to travel the world and become a world winner in foil and beat her sister Marina, with no hard-feelings.


“Windsurfing connects you with the ocean” says Blanca, and then she exclaims “How could the OCEAN suitcase not be my favourite?! meanwhile, she’s waxing her surfboard. “I like its design because it reminds me of the ocean waves. Also, it’s so light and resistant. I’m carrying enough heavy stuff while traveling with all of my equipment: the wetsuit, the sail, the board…!”.

To Blanca ” a gladiator traveler is someone who follows their passion, wherever it takes them”. After a long photoshooting, she’s going to Bali to keep training. It’s her home away from home “Every good day starts practicing some yoga and sipping tea. Then, I’ll listen to some Classical Jazz and cook.” She loves trying new recipes and cooking healthy and vegan meals (she doesn’t eat meat). If you ever get invited to her home, you’ll have a feast! Her main course is “vegan fajitas”.