Milan, Paris, Milan, Paris, and start over “to be aware of the trends of the moment.” You spent the day on a plane, “she tells us, she did not finish being comfortable, she wanted to be on the ground and not see him from a chair on the side, so she set up, with her friend Marga Solé, BYMEST, a fashion and styling consultancy .

Now Ester is at the bottom of the canyon: in the shootings or in the back room of an event and she does not let anything be because yes. Do you need a vintage look for a photo? Esther knows where to find everything, from the clothes of the model to the curtains or the most stylish furniture of that moment.

Have all the information, get inspired and look for the most appropriate look for each photo. They collaborate for media and magazines (Vogue, La Vanguardia …), brands, etc. Now it is his job and he is passionate about it.


Stylist & Fashion Consulting

Instagram: @bymest


“Ester Tió is stylish. He wears it in the blood and at every point of his American purchased on a trip to Camden, London”

This fashion editor turned fashion consultant and fashion consultant does not stop. It does not leave any detail to improvisation. Everything has to be millimeter in its place. And if something seems to be there because yes, it is a lie. If not, Ester gets angry. It is not satisfied. What he does not know is that today he will have to improvise. And at the end of this article we will explain why.

Esther studied design at one of the best fashion schools and started writing very soon. And also very soon they published their works in specialized magazines.

“Maybe it seems silly, but working in fashion magazines is much more than working in fashion, of course it is important to know all the designers and trends, but basically my job was to communicate with other people, know what they like. and look for the best way to give it to him. “

Surely you have noticed. In this catalog who has been responsible for styling is Esther. Each photo is designed and calibrated in detail.

Ester travels with the Neon collection, the coolest 😉

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