Colored led lights and the rythm of the afro-latin sounds are mixed and blended to provide entertainment and music to any event or show. Imagine a great number of musicians, all of them wearing a vest of led lights, dancing and playing the music in unison. It’s a party that uplifts the mood and spreads good vibes.

They also host Batucada workshops for businesses. A kind of team-building activity with a music theme. They work with different instruments (mostly brasilian drums, like the repinique, tamborim, etc.) Every section of the percussionists will have a guide and they’ll learn the importance of every component of the group and their coordination in order to get the expected final result which all of them are aiming for.

This percussion workshop consolidates the enthusiasm of the group, their predisposition for working together, learning about motivation and the ability to listen to each other and coordinate.








Fran Marín is the soul of this Batucada Led formation. Percusionist musician and performance lover, he has created a wonderful visual and auditory show which he wanted to share with us.

During our conversation, Fran tells us, among so many other things, how he was introduced to music, recalls how he became interested in the africo-brasilian culture and what he thinks the future holds for him. He is really excited about taking this new music project of Batucada everywhere.






“We love the new colors of the Bionic collection. They are bright, innovative and atractive. They are just perfect for us to travel with them and our led vests”.

Together with La Galeta Percussió and Maracuyá, they’ve had appearances in TV shows like Operación Triunfo and Número Uno.
They also perform shows in many other countries outside of Spain: they’ve recently been to France, Italy, etc.

“We love traveling! I never let go of my instrument while traveling. But because it exceeds the cabin allowed dimensions for carry-on luggage I have to buy an additional seat just for it. That’s how I travel with my surdo (my instrument), side by side, with one boarding pass for it and one for myself. And I fasten its seatbelt” Fran explains.

“Currently, what we are really looking forward to, more than recording our own songs, it’s to schedule and book new concerts and experiences. “Truth be told, Batucada Maracuyá is a project that allows me to enjoy music to the maximum and it helps in sharing my ideas in a very direct way with the public at the same time. If we can bring something to the people, there we go, with a drive to shake every corner of the planet”.

“Don’t let the rhythm stop!” – shouts Fran enthusiastically while he rehearses.